He Gave His Life so We Can Live

Christmas has always been a very special time for me.

I always got that warm fuzzy feeling; it told me that Christmas was right around the corner.  As a little child, it was so exciting to receive special gifts wrapped in colorful paper and bows.  But should “getting gifts” be the focus of this wonderful holiday called Christmas?  I realized that Christmas meant so much more…

Christmas meant a visit to my Grandparents house and a cuddle in their laps.  It came with the twinkling lights of a Christmas tree.

Christmas at Grandma's House

 It meant the celebration of my little brother’s birthday.

It came with the smell of apple pie and Christmas cookies.

 Emily Baking (3)

It came in the heavy drifts of snow and warm coats wrapped around us.

Kids Standing in Snow at Grandparent's House

Two thousand years ago, it came in a cold and lonely stable.  It rested on a tiny manger of hay.

red nativity

He came to give us the most precious gift of all.  A relationship with Him forever.  Jesus gave us His life.

Wouldn’t it be hurtful if we gave nothing in return?

We can never give a gift that would compare to the one God’s Son gave us.  But Jesus looks at our heart.  And each time one of His children gives to those who have little, He smiles with love.

I read about a family who held a tradition much different from the usual Christmastime business.  Each year, as this family observed the people in their community and church, they would select one person to bless that Christmas.  One year they couldn’t help but notice that a certain little girl never wore a dress to church.

The family chose the prettiest little dress they could find and bought a pair of shoes to match.  They gave their gift in secret.

After that, to their great delight, the little girl wore the dress every Sunday without fail.

Something so insignificant as a dress, can mean the world to a little girl who never had one.

So, what does giving look like to me?


It looks like a garden of food for families starving in Africa this Christmas.

For only $10 you can give garden seeds to put food on the table of an African family.

So, what does giving sound like to me?


The happy gurgling of a baby with a full stomach.

For $14 you can provide food for a mother and her child for a whole month.

There are so many families around the world this Christmas with no one to love them.  While we wrap a whole cart of gifts for our children, there are parents who have nothing to put on the table.  While we hang the lights and tinsel, enjoying our festive, decorated homes, there are families who don’t have a roof above their heads.

This year, will you show them Jesus’ love?

Show your children what it means to give; what it means to sacrifice.

Show them that Christmas means so much more…

Visit the Compassion International Christmas Gift Catalog and give a gift that portrays the true meaning of Christmas.

Now that I am a little older, I look forward to giving at Christmas.  It fills me with so much joy.  I pray that you too may know the joy of giving this season.

Merry Christmas!




One comment on “He Gave His Life so We Can Live

  1. […] So what is Christmas about?  Not filling our shopping carts with toys from Wal-mart, not stuffing ourselves with food, but Christmas is a day to celebrate the birth of this humble baby!  This year we need to remember this.  It’s not like we cannot do the things listed above, but we do not need to emphasize them as the true meaning of Christmas.  Take a look at this: He Gave His Life So We Can Live! […]

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